Struggle, humanity and heroism

I love to explore new places and specially in my own country, this time i decided to visit Franja Partisan Hospital. The Franja Partisan Hospital (Cultural Monument) is a symbol of the struggle, humanity and heroism of Slovenes who, together with other freethinking nations, rose against fascism and nazism.

It was in the period of the Second World War, when the Slovenian nation fought for its freedom and its future. In this place, the paths of certain partisan physicians, male and female combatants, united. Their mission was to save the lives of the wounded, who were not spared by the occupying forces. Together with the reliable and self- sacrificing local inhabitants, they built a clandestine partisan hospital.


The Franja Partisan Hospital (gps coordinates, 46.150073,14.027254) officially opened for visits on 19th May 1946, but visitors had started coming even before that. In 1952 it was protected as a cultural monument for the first time, in 1999 it was proclaimed a monument of national importance and in 2000 it was entered in the Tentative List of World Heritage at UNESCO. Its significance for European culture, common European Heritage Label received in 2015.


The site is located in an area that is sensitive in terms of geography and climate. This makes its maintence demanding. It was affected by two major natural disasters in the past, a rockslide in January 1989 and a flood in September 2007, which almost entirely destroyed its tangible heritage.  Franja Hospital was reconstructed and reopened for visitors in May 2010.



The best time for visit is during spring or summer time. I chose august becaus we wanted to eacape form city heat to nature.

Cant wait to share my next travel experiences with you guys. Thanks for reading.


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