Hello everyone,

It’s nothing better than good food and old friends, together again.
You probably already know that one of my passions is discovering/ trying new things, especially when it comes to explore in my own country. This time me and my good old friends decided to stop by and have a quick lunch in new place in town called Mala Terasa BistroOver very long time, not seeing each other. Vintage design bistro, with summer terrace, located in the heart of the city Ljubljana.

photo by Mala terasa

We were impressed of interesting concept of the restaurant, it is intended for lunch in business hours, self service. They are open from Monday- Friday (11:00am- 5:00pm). We ordered different menus, you can make various combinations, they offer vegetarian and vegan options too. 

I ordered wild rice, potato with salmon and some season vegetables, for drink lemonade. The food was really delicious, fresh, reasonably priced and it quickly exceeded our expectations.

I would definitely recommend stopping by for a quick, healthy lunch, you will enjoy every minute of the experience.

Thanks for reading,



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