LJFW #day1

Another Ljubljana fashion week event started on 18 September in town centre,this time located in best western premier Hotel Slon.

photo by Damjan Končar

We saw collections from Slovenian fashion designers ZOOFA, TINA GORKIČ, MIRO MISLJEN and EBER krznarstvo. I really liked Krznarstvo Eber, they showed us again great fur jackets for upcoming winter season. In the past I had opportunity to be their runway model on the fashion event i was writing on my blog before, and I personally tried to wear their amazing men’s wear.

For the first time there was live stream of the show on the big screen in the front of  the main entrance of hotel Slon, for all fashion enthusiast.

Take a look at some of the looks from the shows that I attended and tell me what you think about them. Which one is your favorite?




Here are some pictures of my styling and new friends i meet.tdph0to-ljfw-2016-03

photo by Damjan Končar






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