Beauty of liquid and the art of drinking.

As I always like to help charity in many ways, I decided to support the memobottle™ campaign at this time.

Memobottle™ and recycled cardboard packaging is actually a very useful product (which I love and carry everywhere with me). It’s A5 & A6 sized and BPA-Free plastic bottle that fits everywhere and is perfect for gym, office or coupled with bag and books, and all of you who are constantly on the go, like me.


According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 768 million people did not use an improved source for drinking-water in 2011 and 185 million relied on surface water to meet their daily drinking-water needs.

The safety and accessibility of drinking-water are major concerns throughout the world, and at the same time we all know that the most simple & effective way to prevent any disease is by keeping your body hydrated.



My favourite part of the whole story is that on top of everything, not only is a wonderful and very useful product, but at the same time when you buy their products, they donate $1 to from every online order. Providing access to safe water for one person per 10 months to developing areas where the water shortage is crucial to survive.

You can read more about it and get your own Memobottle, while helping saving lives and your body rehydration!

Do something good today,

Lots of love, TDph0tography


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