Make your summer memories special


Make your summer memories special with this bracelet; it’s very minimalistic and simply designed- just the way I like.

Pulling off man jewellery and exploring new styles can be tricky and daunting at times. Which pieces to pair together, how to keep it all looking simple, masculine, and noticed?!

I’m feeling pretty classic this summer with just a few perfect pieces of jewellery as I believe that It’s better to have several smaller pieces than one big, as It rarely looks masculine.tdph0to-sailbrace-07

tdph0to-sailbrace-06 copy

 BRACELET, handcrafted in Europe, Nickel free material, from unique anchor and a rope which symbolizes strength and stability. I have chosen Basic Silver Look Sailbrace in blue & white colour combination.  A simple, well-fit neutral, classic and elegant look, ideal for formal and casual summer look, you don’t need other elements competing for attention.
Let the jewellery speak for itself, collect different combinations, and keep your memories unforgettable!


You can read more about it and get your own in other colours and combinations, for you to choose in their store.

Thanks for reading,




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